Sub Ohm Vaping Guide | The Best Cloud Chasing Juice



Sub Ohm Vaping Guide | The Best Cloud Chasing Juice

Your guide on the what’s, the why’s and how’s of achieving massive clouds and cloud chasing through sub-ohming!

If you’re interested in chasing clouds and producing more vapor than everyone around you, then you need to turn your attention towards sub-ohming.

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide

What exactly is sub-ohming?

Once, sub-ohming required an intricate knowledge of vaping, atomizers and how to build your own mods and boxes. Now, with many sub-ohming kits available online ready to buy, it is becoming much more accessible to everyday vapers, without the complicated technical knowledge. Serious sub-ohmers still build all their own equipment, but it isn’t recommended unless you have at least six months of experience.

Sub-ohming is when you use a mechanical mod or box mod to fire an atomizer at or below 1 ohm of resistance. It isn’t suggested that you start building your own mods or atomizers until you not only understand how they work but also have all the right equipment to do so. If you aren’t confident, then there are some great sub-ohm kits which you can purchase ready to go.

Why would you sub-ohm?

There are some reasons why vapers choose to go down the route of sub-ohming, and if you have seen someone blowing some massive clouds, then the chances are good that they have a serious sub-ohm vaping setup. So why sub-ohm?

  • Massive and we mean huge vapor production
  • Intense flavor unlike any other vaping
  • Delicious warm vapor hits

What is cloud chasing?

If you have seen people blowing massive clouds and doing some awesome tricks with the vapor they are producing, then chances are you already have a pretty good idea what cloud chasing is all about.

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide

Cloud chasing is vapers way of turning a healthy way to quit smoking into an amazing and often unbelievable sport. Some vapers refer to it as stunt vaping, but the basic idea behind it is producing massive clouds of vapor and doing some pretty awesome tricks and stunts with it. All around the world there are cloud chasing competitions as well as conventions, allowing vapers to show off not only their clouds and tricks but also the mods which they have built.

If you are interested in cloud chasing then start doing your homework, you are up against some serious competition, but it could be well worth your while. Competitions mean prizes, you can win vaping gear, mods, atomizers, cash and earn yourself a reputation as a serious cloud chaser.

What’s the best cloud chasing juice?

If sub-ohming and cloud chasing sounds like something that you would be interested in, then you are going to need to find yourself some great cloud chasing juice. Cloud chasing juice is different to other e-juices and e-liquids, not because it has any special ingredients, but because of the ratio of the ingredients inside it.

When you are searching for a fantastic cloud chasing juice, then you want to steer away from e-liquids or e-juices which contain a lot of PG or Propylene Glycol and look for juices which have a higher ratio of VG or Vegetable Glycerin. Most e-juices contain a 50/50 ratio which is great for flavor, but not as good for massive clouds.

Cloud chasers love the flavor, but what they love more is massive clouds! Choose the right mod and atomizer setup, a great cloud chasing juice and you’ll be into cloud chasing and big fluffy clouds before you know it!

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