About VapouriseUK

About VapouriseUK

Hello, I thought I would take a bit of time to write this about VapouriseUK page and explain a bit about myself.

I’m Dave and I spent years trying to get off the dreaded weed. Patches,gums you name it I tried it!

Then the vaping scene started and I did not think much about it but thought I would give it a try…

After around 10 months of trying different vapes,juices and coils I found out that one that works for one person might not work for another.

It is also worth testing the many juices out there too as these too can make a huge difference.

There are a few guides here on my site that you can look through and help you on your way to giving this dreaded weed up so I will not go in to much detail on this page as it is just more of a hello.

If you would like to contact me direct about anything you can contact me at admin@vapouriseuk.com

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About VapouriseUK

About VapouriseUK

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